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About Us


Hebei Kanb Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (Former: Hebei Kanb Composite Material Co., Ltd.) is one of the most reputed entities in the industry of insulating composite materials for composite insulators, arrestors and other insulating facilities for high voltage power systems. Kanb is located in the center of Hebei Province, a short distance south of Beijing. Founded in 1984, kanb has been one of the largest and most highly regarded insulator companies in China and a leading company in the world electrical industry.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, Kanb is committed to continuous research and development in injection pultrusion technology. The first commercial injection pultrusion production line in China was established by us in 2003.Kanb has been utilizing this patented technology in the manufacturing of all our FRP products. After years of practice, our products are globally recognized as the best in electromechanical properties.

Kanb is now able to produce FRP rods ranging from 16mm to 300mm in diameter. Furthermore, our large diameter rods are often used in post insulators, and thus, we consider our large diameter rods to be a unique edge over our competitors. Our staff delivers first-rate customer service, maintains a commitment to research and development and provides the best quality products to our clients. Kanb’s efficient and considerate service places the utmost emphasis on customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you in the future and we are confident that we will meet your needs to your highest gratification.

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