Achievement of 2013- injection pultrusion process

2017-11-06 11:45:41 admin 6

In 2003, the company developed and Compro glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin insulator core production technology and equipment of the invention patent. In this process, the glass fiber is transferred into the sealing mold which is stable high pressure and flow after the yarn guide and the preform die. Then, the special resin is injected into the mold, so that the glass fiber is fully soaked and the bubbles are removed. Fully soaked and non bubble glass fiber is pulled into the mold of the die in the traction of the traction machine to complete the production.

The basis is the same or similar refractive index resin cured with glass fiber in the selection, use of Compuware injection pultrusion resin, effectively reduce the contact with the atmosphere, in the production process by ultra high pressure resin is injected into a mold, the product porosity is almost zero, the density increased significantly, producing insulation transparent the performance of composite insulator core rod for more than the standard. This process not only in the output of the mandrel machine, electrical and thermal performance indicators far surpassing in other technology products, is a qualitative leap in transparency, creatively achieve uniform texture and color of the resin is uneven color yellow soil. Compro company developed the advanced injection pultrusion process can not only effectively improve the performance of the mandrel, it is a historical precedent for the core manufacturing industry, has made great contribution to the industry.

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